Avoiding Ethnic and Sexual Harassment [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Dr. Mary Clair McNaught

Course Summary

Harassment of any kind should not and will not be tolerated in today’s environment. No individual wants to be harassed; therefore no individual should believe they have a right to harass others!

This course focuses on strategies officers can use for dealing with both the public and coworkers to clearly establish respect and value for others and demonstrate a lack of bias.

It outlines risky behaviors or questionable actions, and ways to mitigate the damage if you do make a mistake and inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings. Behaviors that can cause unnecessary litigation again you , the officer, and your agency. Harassing individuals can have severe consequences!

This course also examines federal laws regarding harassment and the role agency policy plays in preventing harassment. All law enforcement professionals are entitled to a harassment-free workplace, and the knowledge gained by taking this course will promote that.

Course Syllabus

  • Course Introduction

    • Course Objectives
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Harassment

    • SME Introduction
    • Effects of Harassment
    • Recognizing Behaviors
    • Diversity in the Workplace
    • Discrimination
    • Maintaining a Quality Workplace
    • Module Summary
  • Module 2 - The Law of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

    • SME Introduction
    • Federal Laws that Protect Against Harassment
    • Harassment as a Legal Issue
    • Statutory Requirements
    • Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination
    • Workplace Discrimination
    • Workplace Harassment Policy
    • Module Summary
  • Module 3 - Inappropriate Behaviors

    • SME Introduction
    • Danger Zones
    • Singling People Out
    • Inappropriate Conduct
    • Touching
    • Additional Forms
    • General Guidelines
    • Module Summary
  • Module 4 - Harassment Summary and Conclusion

    • SME Summary
    • Course Conclusion
    • Our Conduct
    • Confronting Harassers
    • The Law and Diversity
    • Harassment Example
    • Conclusion
    • Objectives
  • Assessment

    • Module Assessment