Covid-19 Updates [2023]

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The world has been in the midst of a worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. COVID-19, a highly infectious viral disease that originated in the transportation hub of Wuhan, China, dispersed with the movement of people around the globe. Each person with COVID-19 infects an average of two to three others, which is an infection rate greater than the seasonal flu.

After the launch of the first course on COVID-19, the course was updated in February 2021. TRN staff and subject matter experts have used information from various lead association or world/government organizations to create this highly effective and easy-to-take course for public safety personnel. This course educates first responders about the virus and provides training and best practices for them in confronting its dangers to them personally.

This course covers:

  • How COVID-19 enters the body and cells and how its symptoms often display
  • New vaccines recently introduced and how they work
  • General protective measures for all citizens
  • What protective gear to use while answering emergency calls
  • How to disinfect patrol cars and ambulances
  • Action recommendations for police and EMS
  • Recommendations for 911 dispatchers
  • Why shelter-in-place may assist in reducing the spread of the disease among the citizen population and how it protects the health of even those who do not have or will not get the virus
  • A summary of other highly dangerous communicable diseases

Because efforts from local and national authorities to stop the spread of COVID-19 are developing every day, its overall impact to humanity and to law enforcement and first responders is very fluid. Consequently, TRN will be regularly updating the course, and prior course participants will be kept informed when such updates are made available.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - COVID-19 Updates for 2023

    • Introduction - Updates for 2021
    • Introduction to PPE for First Responders
    • PPE Refresher, Removal, and Disposal Considerations
    • Law Enforcement Considerations to the Coronavirus
    • Recommended PPE for EMS and Law Enforcement
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 2 - COVID-19 Updates for 2023

    • Overview of Vaccines
    • Vaccine Safety
    • Mutations of the COVID-19 Virus
    • PTSD and Mental Illness
    • Effects of COVID-19 on Higher Education
    • Economic Impact of COVID-19
    • What You Can Do
    • Module Assessment