Defensive Tactics Instructor Re-Certification [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy Staff - Virginia

Course Summary

This refresher training will enhance your safety, teaching, and presentation skills as a defensive tactics instructor.

With lawsuits abounding, many officers spend more time worrying about how a use of force will be perceived by their agencies and communities rather than what they need to do to survive it. This can cause officers to hesitate. The hesitation problem is exacerbated when  individual officers do not have a clear understanding of when they are legally allowed to use force.

As a defensive tactics trainer, you will instruct your students on more than O.C. spray techniques and open-hand takedowns. To give your students the best training possible, you must know and understand the training process, what tools are available for use, and what peripheral training is most important to equip your students to use these physical tactics safely and effectively.

This course will cover topics that will help you design and instruct the best defensive tactics classes possible.

The course covers the following topics in detail:

Concussion awareness
Designing classroom rules
Use of “red guns”
Positional asphyxia cause and prevention
Use of force and the law
Use of force liabilities
Civil liability for the use of neck restraints
Attitude and lifestyle: physical and mental conditioning

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification

    • Basic Defensive Tactics Classroom Rules
    • Basic Defensive Tactics Classroom Rules - Continued
    • Concussion Awareness
    • Crisis Stress Management
    • Training
    • Positional Asphyxia
    • Use of Force and the Law
    • Use of Force and the Law - Continued
    • Mental and Physical Conditioning
    • Module Assessment