Emergency Vehicle Operations Driving [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Detroit Police Department, Sgt. Garth Brooks

Course Summary

A department’s investment in automobiles, officers, and insurance is a large annual operations expense. This emergency vehicle operation training will help minimize the risk to officers and the expense to agencies and tax paying citizens. Traffic-related incidents are historically the number one cause of death among law enforcement officers, with most of these traffic-related deaths due to automobile crashes. This course teaches officers to clearly understand and consistently operate their vehicles with the utmost care and the highest operational professionalism.

Some of the key issues covered that relate to an officer’s time behind the wheel are:

  • Civil liabilities
  • Non-emergency driving
  • Emergency response driving
  • Pursuit driving
  • Legal basis for liabilities
  • Legal connection

3D graphics help officers gain better insight into potentially dangerous driving scenarios to enable an appropriate response when such circumstances arise. Basic driving skills such as negotiating intersections, lane position, distracted driving, night driving, and fatigue are discussed. Consistent and constant training on emergency vehicle operations driving (EVOD) could save lives – including your own.

Taken in conjunction with our Driver Re-Certification for Academy Instructors course, this course will help professionals be well trained to be safer on the job. 

Course Syllabus

  • E.V.O.D. - Emergency Vehicle Operations Driving

    • Course Introduction
    • Overview and Resources
    • Non-Emergency Driving
    • Test Your Knowledge - 1
    • Exemptions Granted During Emergency Response
    • Test Your Knowledge - 2
    • Intentional and Constitutional Torts
    • Constitutional Torts - Continued
    • Test Your Knowledge - 3
    • Department Policy
    • Defensive Driving
    • Test Your Knowledge - 4
    • Radio Use and Night Driving
    • Fatigue
    • High Speed Night Driving
    • Test Your Knowledge - 5
    • Driving Scenario 1
    • Driving Scenario 2
    • Module Assessment