Fire Safety/Emergency Procedures for Jails [2023]

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TRN Staff

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to give participants the decision making skills necessary to determine the appropriate actions and equipment to be used in the case of a fire situation in a correctional facility. It is also the goal to increase the participants’ awareness of the inherent and potential risks of fire with everyday correctional activities.

This course will help to develop and maintain emergency response plans and evacuation procedures that staff and inmates can safely utilize in the event of a fire or other life threatening emergency in any part of a correctional facility.

As an overview, this course will allow officers to better understand:

The 4 components of fire

The 4 classes of fire

The stages of fire

 Identify dangers associated with fire

 Name nine parts of the Scott Air Pak

 Don the Scott Air Pak

 Identify two types of fire extinguishers

 Effectively operate a fire extinguisher

And learn about the problems in safe evacuations during a fire.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Fire Response

    • Fire Safety
    • History of Fire
    • Fire Science
    • Reporting Fires
    • Sprinkler and Fire Extinguisher
    • Classifications of Fire
    • P.A.S.S.
    • Types of Fire Extinguishers
    • Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher
    • Evacuations
    • Training Overview
    • General Safety
    • Command Post and Debriefing
    • SCBA
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 2 - Fire Prevention and Safety

    • Definitions
    • Safety Codes and Prevention Plans
    • Evacuation Plans and Fire Safety Officer
    • Alarm System, Egress, and Materials
    • Module Assessment