Handling the Aggressive Patient [2023]

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Most of the estimated 45,000 patients transported by ambulance to local emergency departments each day in the United States view EMS and health professionals as “good guys.”  However, not all individuals fall into this group.

This course will help EMS professionals recognize and manage threats from the occasional aggressive patient. 

This course will provide both law enforcement and EMS providers with three major deliverables:

 1.) OSHA Guidelines: For the protection of healthcare workers since everyone working in this field must understand the steps to workplace compliance. 

2.) Tools to Understand the Six “Ladder Steps”: Comprised of escalating behavioral changes (including non-verbal clues that indicate changes that might be occurring with individuals in custody or protective care). 

3.) The Logical “Do’s & Don’ts”: How to minimize risk in managing the aggressive patient.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Managing the Aggressive Patient and Protecting the EMS Provider

    • Course Introduction
    • Course Introduction Continued
    • Management, Commitment and Employee Involvement
    • Completion of the Work Site Risk Analysis
    • Risk Analysis - Part 2
    • Development of Hazard Prevention and Controls
    • Training
    • Recordkeeping
    • The Aggression Continuum
    • The Aggression Continuum - Part 2
    • The Aggression Continuum - Part 3
    • Aggressive Patient Do's and Don'ts
  • Module 2 - Final Assessment

    • Final Assessment