Human Relations for Law Enforcement [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Brian Fitch Ph.D.

Course Summary

This course will discuss the why and how of Community Oriented Policing.

Addressing why developing support and trust inside of our communities will help all agencies protect and serve the public better.

“Treating people with respect and dignity is not just the right thing to do, it is good business for our agencies, our officers, and our communities.” “Good community relationships do not suddenly appear; rather, they take hard work”

This course reinforces the inescapable truth that our effectiveness depends on our human relations and interpersonal skills. “Excellent policing is ONLY possible through the development of strong positive relationships with our communities.” This course will help you develop those relationships.

This course will discuss topics like: 
Be better at the three parts of officer/citizen contacts: The opening, the business, and the parting

Respect breeds respect

How policing is like customer service

Why some officers rationalize poor behavior

Effective customer service techniques

Empathy and its role in law enforcement

Dealing with difficult people

Anger management and dealing with criticism

Language and body language  

Excellent customer service makes excellent policing possible. Community trust and support are essential to effective policing.  Without the confidence and cooperation of the community witnesses will not come forward, needed resources are not budgeted, and juries remain skeptical.  Customer service is not something you add to good policing, it is good policing.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Community Policing/Customer Service - Course Introduction

    • Human Relations in L.E. -Introduction
    • SME Introduction
    • Customer Service in Law Enforcement
    • “So, What’s Your Problem?”
  • Module 2 - Understanding Customer Service

    • Module Objectives
    • SME Introduction
    • Improved Odds of Safety and Survival
    • Fewer Complaints and Lawsuits: Better Job Security
    • Improved Criminal Investigative Effectiveness
    • Increased Job Satisfaction, Self-Esteem, and Self-Fulfillment
    • Reduced Stress: Improved Health
    • Taking Care of "Business" and the "Individual"
    • "The Opening, The Business, and The Parting"
    • Module Summary
  • Module 3 - Effective Customer Service

    • Module Objectives
    • SME Introduction
    • Customers and Customer Service
    • The Role of Values and Beliefs
    • Effective Customer Service Techniques
    • Empathy
    • Concern for Human and Cultural Diversity
    • Dealing with Difficult People
    • Anger Management
    • Module Summary
  • Module 4 - Effective Communication

    • Module Objectives
    • SME Introduction
    • Effective Communication
    • Verbal
    • Nonverbal
    • Listening
    • Module Summary
  • Module 5 - Course Conclusion

    • Ten “Loser” Customer Service Behaviors
    • Course Summary
  • Module 6 - Final Assessment

    • Post-Assessment