Maintaining Mental Health in Law Enforcement [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Dr. Dennis Conroy - Police Psychologist

Course Summary

Law enforcement is an exciting and challenging career. It has a wide appeal and draws people from all walks of life, yet few people stop to think about why they are drawn to this field. They may have learned that police officers do “exciting things,” “save lives,” and “arrest bad guys.” The media may portray police officers as larger than life, but not in realistic ways. This extreme portrayal is misleading to anyone considering a law enforcement career.

In the real world of policing, cases are not solved in an hour, and the forensic evidence usually does not make everything crystal clear. This false vision can misinform new officers and can leave them feeling incredibly frustrated with their own lack of success.

Few people enter law enforcement with a realistic concept of the day-to-day stressors of the profession and the potential long-term destruction of one’s mental, physical and personal health if proper steps are not taken.

This course provides all officers (and family members!) with critically important insight into the stress, frustration, bottled-up anger, and sometimes lack of concern that many law enforcement professionals will encounter, with some ending in a personal tragedy. Don’t let this be you. This course can help you navigate the rough seas!

Course Syllabus

  • Course Introduction

    • Introduction to Course by Subject Matter Expert
    • Course Introduction
  • Module 1 - Getting Started on the Right Foot

    • SME Introduction
    • The Reality
    • Role Models
    • Day to Day Stressors
    • Module Summary
  • Module 2 - Law Enforcement and Marriage

    • SME Introduction
    • Communication
    • Social Life
    • Steps to Keep a Marriage Lively
    • Module Summary
  • Module 3 - Working Through the Trauma

    • SME Introduction
    • The Stages of Trauma
    • The Stages of Trauma continued
    • Develop a Plan
    • How to Cope with a Traumatic Event
    • Module Summary
  • Module 4 - Moving Forward Into Retirement

    • SME Summary
    • Retirement
    • Module Summary
  • Course Conclusion

    • Course Summary
  • Assessment

    • Post-Assessment