Social Media and Social Networking Policy [2023]

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Course Author(s)

Miami Police Department

Course Summary

High Liability Policy Training is critical to any agency. Officers need to know exactly how to properly conduct and execute their agency’s key policies to remain safe while avoiding officer and agency liability.

This web-based policy course — Use of Social Networking — represents the vision of the City of Miami Police Department’s training department. Their goal in providing this online training solution is to ensure that their officers clearly understand this key high-liability policy.

While the majority of agencies still place their various policies in a text format online and hope their officers read and understand them, experience has shown that this is not a very effective method. Training Response Network’s trackable, reportable online format ensures that there is no mistake that officers have read and understood the policy. We make agency policy training accurate and essentially foolproof.

Your risk insurance provider will welcome this type of training and may even financially support this need since it can reduce liability.

Course Syllabus

  • Policy on Social Media and Social Networking

    • Introduction and Definitions
    • Policy
    • Policy Continued
    • Module Assessment