Sovereign Citizens and the Moorish Nation [2023]

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Course Author(s)

Deputy Chief Michael Downing - Commanding Officer - Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau - LAPD

Course Summary

Who are sovereign citizens? This refers to a political movement that grew out of the

belief that government abuses its power. Members do not recognize the government of the United States of America or any of its subdivisions, and they often refuse to hold Social Security cards or drivers licenses and avoid using zip codes.

This course focuses on gaining an understanding of Moorish citizens, as well as other cultures whose members believe they are sovereign citizens. The course also summarizes some known issues when dealing with sovereign citizens and provides officers with investigative strategies.   Federal and state laws that may be applicable in these situations are also outlined.

In today’s increasingly fractional political environment in the U.S., the issue of nonconforming citizens is growing, not shrinking. This course is a must to understand this sometimes explosive cultural issue.

Upon completion of this course, law enforcement officers will be better able to communicate with and investigate those who identify themselves as members of a Moorish group or as sovereign citizens in general. Law enforcement officers familiar with the background and beliefs of this subculture and its operations will be more effective at efficiently handling these situations.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Sovereign Citizens and the Moorish Nation

    • Definitions
    • Moorish Nation Overview
    • Known Sovereignty Issues
    • Federal and State Law
    • Module Assessment