Workplace Violence: General Employees [2023]

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Course Author(s)

Dr. Michael Corcoran

Course Summary

What do we really know about workplace violence? What causes workplace violence and what are the real odds you’ll ever be involved in such a situation?

Workplace violence has become much more common and convoluted since the initial impression of it being just a violent act. Hence, it is necessary to look at many of the issues that may eventually lead to a potential volatile act. Such things as harassment, intimidation, bullying, and domestic or intimate partner violence are now all considered to be part of the workplace violence problem.

And what are you expected to do about it? These issues have been looked at by many regulatory bodies, courts, and lawmakers. So what are your specific duties? Additionally, since you have these duties, what can you do to prevent violence, or any of the precursors of violence?

Lastly, what about the “active shooter”? This has become a relatively new phenomenon in our culture and is even more rare than a workplace violence act. But because it generally occurs within someone’s workplace, it is one of those issues that should be addressed and understood. During this course, you’ll learn more about the active shooter and how to protect yourself.

This course is comprehensive. Some of the topics discussed in this course are: 

Understanding workplace violence issues
Reasons to be concerned about workplace violence
Recognizing and dealing with threats
Verbal protection
What about the active shooter?
The data on workplace violence incidents
We all understand that employers who fail to protect employees from violence at work may be liable. After all, they have the “deep-pockets.” But employees who are aware of precursors to violence and who do not report them, such as not reporting intimate partner violence, may also be liable. Jurys do make awards for inadequate reporting/protection. In 2014, the average suit nationwide was for approximately $1.2 million, and settlements average approximately $600,000.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - A Workplace Violence Prevention Program for Employees

    • Biography: Dr. Michael Corcoran
    • Introduction: Dr. Michael Corcoran
    • Chapter 1-Understanding Workplace Violence Issues
    • Statistics:
    • Statistics Continued
    • Statistics Part 3
    • Why Be Concerned About Workplace Violence?
    • Courts, Case Law, and Statutes
    • Other Critical Concerns
    • Chapter 2 - Recognizing And Dealing With Threats
    • Behavior and Environmental Risk Factors
    • Environmental Risk Factors Continued
    • Scenario Questions
  • Module 2 - A Workplace Violence Prevention Program for Employees- Chapters 3 and 4

    • Examples: Dr. Michael Corcoran
    • Chapter 3 - Verbal Protection
    • Previsualization
    • Body Language and Listening
    • Dynamics of Conflict are Predictable
    • 3 Choices in a Conflict/Confrontation
    • Acronym S.C.A.N.
    • Chapter 4 - What About the Active Shooter?
    • Active Shooter Continued
    • Targeted Violence Considerations
    • Other Critical Concerns
    • Chapter 5 - Summations and Final
    • Scenario Questions