General Instructor Re-Certification (US)

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy Staff - Virginia

Course Summary

Fundamentals are important in every aspect of our Law Enforcement careers.


This program will walk through many of the fundamentals of the proper instruction and challenges the instructor to consider what they do well and seeks to see if there is something that they might improve on, no matter the course/topic of instruction they teach!  


This course will discuss the following topics: 


  • Role of the trainer and adult learner

  • What is “chunking” and why “chunking” the training content is important

  • How to create lesson outlines/plans & performance goals/objectives

  • Three behaviors training can change

  • Liability and ethics of training

  • Effective use of training aids in the classroom

  • How to avoid “death by PowerPoint” in your presentations

  • Public speaking and enhancing presentation skills  

In addition to the very practical information on how instructors can improve teaching and retention in their classes, this course also includes case laws and teachings on the difference between training liability, vicarious liability, and negligent retention.

Training has always been important in the law enforcement industry, but never so much as it is in today’s policing hostile environment!

Course Syllabus

  • General Instructor Recertification

    • Introduction and Fundamentals
    • The 6 Adult Learning Principles
    • CHUNKING and Demonstration Part 1
    • CHUNKING and Demonstration Part 2
    • Lesson Outlines and Lesson Plans
    • Performance Objectives and Performance Goals
    • Knowledge, Psychomotor, and Attitude
    • Liability of Training
    • Case Law Part 1
    • Case Law Part 2
    • Instructional Aids Part 1
    • Instructional Aids Part 2
    • Using Videos
    • Enhancing Your Presentation Skills
    • Module Assessment