Occupant Protection Familiarization Class for Law Enforcement

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Chief Deputy Lee Bailey, Virginia Department of Health, Dr. Kevin Jablonski

Course Summary

There are multiple steps to complete in order to keep occupants safe while riding in a vehicle. This course will discuss the many types of safety seats, how they are installed properly, and the science behind their proper use. After completing this course you will better understand the benefits of a properly installed child safety seat and be able to identify safety seats that are misused.  This knowledge will afford you the opportunity to refer parents and caregivers to an Occupant Protection Fit Station or to a Certified Technician in your area.

There is nothing you can do as a law enforcement officer that will make more of an impact than enforcing occupant protection laws.  Thank you for your participation and enjoy your class.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Occupant Protection Familiarization Class for Law Enforcement

    • Introduction By Chief Deputy Bailey
    • Course Introduction
    • Public Health and Occupant Protection
    • Contributing Factors to Restraint Use
    • The Impacts of a Vehicle Crash
    • The Ride Down
    • Safety Seats, the Why, How, and What
    • Safety Seat Use and Installation Basics
    • Install a Rear-Facing Safety Seat
    • Install Forward-Facing Safety Seat
    • Installation Basics for the Rear and Forward-Facing Positions
    • Belt Positioning Booster, Booster Seat Use, and Seat Belt Use
    • Common Misuses of Safety Seat Restraints and Vehicle Seat Belts
    • Virginia Law Summary
    • Resources for Download
    • Assessment