Officer Street Survival [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Captain Greg Siedel, Dr. Greg Connor, Major Steve Ijames, Sgt. Perry Bartels

Course Summary

We cannot predict when our safety or survival will be threatened next but we can accurately predict it WILL be threatened repeatedly during the course of our police careers. 

Many law enforcement officers associate safety and survival training with firearms and defensive tactics exercises. While those things are unquestionably important, others are too. This course will identify the most significant aspects of officer safety and survival.

It will discuss techniques through which officers can develop themselves independently to maximize their performance through an officer-specific program.  At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the following key components of officer safety and survival.

Module One: Identifying the Threats

Module Two: Situational Awareness and Self Control

Module Three: Practicing Sound Tactics

Module Four: Committing to Train and Improve Yourself

Module Five: Accidental Injuries and Deaths

Module Six: Off-Duty Considerations

Module Seven: Continuing Professional Education

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Officer Survival

    • On Any Given Day...
    • Introduction of Subject Matter Experts
    • A Few Words From the Round Table
  • Module 1 - Identifying the Threats

    • Course Overview
    • Module Introduction
    • Identifying the Threats
    • Identifying the Threats - continued
  • Module 2 - Situational Awareness and Self Control

    • Introduction
    • OODA Loop
    • Module Objectives and Critical Stress
    • Self Awareness
    • Self Control and Physical Readiness
    • Exercise Basics
    • Mental Health
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 3 - Practicing Sound Tactics

    • Introduction
    • Practicing Sound Tactics
    • Risk Management
    • Personal Safety Tactics
    • Tactical Communications
    • Keep an Opened Mind
    • Tactical Communication Techniques
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 4 - Commit to Train and Improve Yourself

    • Introduction
    • Commit to Train and Improve Yourself
    • Having a Plan
    • Include Your Partner
    • Mental Preparation
    • A Scenario
    • Visualization
    • Visualization - Part 2
    • Self-Training
    • Firearms Training
    • Advanced Basics
    • On The Range
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 5 - Accidental Injuries and Deaths

    • Introduction
    • Accidental Injuries and Deaths
    • Driving Response
    • Observation and Attention
    • Vehicle Pursuits
    • Seat Belts
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 6 - Off-Duty Considerations

    • Introduction
    • Off-Duty Considerations
    • Our Authority
    • The Risks
    • Taking Precautions
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 7 - Continuing Professional Education

    • Introduction
    • Continuing Professional Education
    • The Legal Foundation
    • Distortion of the Law
    • Distortion of the Law - Continued
    • Conclusion
    • Module Assessment
  • Final Assessment

    • Module Assessment