Police and Liability - A Government Leader's Perspective

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Nancy Germond - MA - SPHR - SHRM-SCP - ARM - AIC - ITP

Course Summary

Today’s front-line officers face new challenges. They may feel administrators hold them to impossible standards in training and tactics. From the public, they may get distrust and find their authority challenged. Today, a simple traffic stop can turn into an ugly confrontation in seconds.

America is undergoing tremendous changes; social and economic problems, changing demographics, and the rampant spread of social media compound to impact policing. There is evidence of a negative shift in the public’s opinion of law enforcement, even from some former police allies.

Public agency administrators’ role is critical in transforming today’s police departments. Police reform has been ineffective. Excessive force complaints and police shootings have increased, forcing public entity insurance pools to rethink their unflinching support for law enforcement. Organizational change cannot push up from the ranks; it must come from leadership. As organizational leaders who are responsible to a constituency, you are pivotal to and ultimately responsible for this change. Taking positive steps in the face of changing social trends can make a major difference in your organization’s law enforcement efforts.

This course covers recent topics such as

  • Demographic, and other changes in the USA which are impacting policing
  • Insurance risk pool and its relevance to rate and insurance coverage stability
  • Steps which can be taken to improve police relations with both police administrators and with the public  

More importantly, this training offers tools to work more closely with your police officials, improve community relations, work more effectively with your governmental insurance pool, and reduce police liability.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Police and Liability - A Government Leader's Perspective

    • Introduction
    • Changes in the Perception of Policing
    • An Inside Look at Police Management Challenges
    • President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing
    • Government Insurance Pools
    • The Legalities of Policing
    • Support Services in Police Departments
    • Solutions to Policing Challenges
    • Summary
    • Assessment