To conduct effective policing understanding the “legal boundaries” and law of the country is ground zero.
Regularly, the United States Supreme Court (USSC) hears cases that can and do affect the rights of citizens and how law enforcement professionals must conduct themselves. There is no better individual in the country for law enforcement then Randy Means to provide excellent insight and education/training on the changes and updates by the United States Supreme Court.

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


  • Module 1 - U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update

    • Course Introduction
    • Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule
    • Civil Liability and Qualified Immunity
    • Frisk of Passenger in a Traffic Stop
    • Search Incident to Arrest of a Vehicle Occupant
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 2 - U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update

    • Planted Jail Informant and Evidence
    • Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 3 - U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update

    • Emergency Aid and Exigent Circumstances
    • Miranda Warnings
    • Interrogation After Assertion of the Right to Counsel
    • Interrogation After Assertion of the Right to Counsel Part 2
    • Waiver of Miranda Rights
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 4 - U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update

    • Inspection of Employer Issued Electronic Device
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 5 - U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update

    • Warranless Entry Into Private Premises
    • Juvenile Interrogation and Miranda Custody
    • Conclusion
    • Module Quiz
  • Supreme Court Updates 2012-2013

    • Opening Remarks
    • Out-of-court eyewitness identification
    • What is a SEARCH?
    • Incarcerated prisoners and miranda custody
    • Detention of recent occupants of a residence pursuant to a search warrant
    • Drug detection canine
    • Warrantless blood draws in DUI and DNA swabs during routine booking
    • Closing Remarks
    • Module Assessment
  • Supreme Courts Updates 2014-2015

    • Introduction by Randy Means
    • Mistakes of Law and Thier Bearing on Reasonable Suspicion
    • Dog Sniffs on Traffic Stops
    • Qualified Immunity Cases - A Cautionary Note
    • Carroll v. Carman
    • City and County of San Francisco v. Sheehan
    • Mullenix v. Luna
    • In Closing: with Randy Means
    • Module Assessment