New Hampshire Department of Transportation's Work Zone Safety for Law Enforcement




The New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s Work Zone Safety protocol is “mandatory training” for any law enforcement officer in the State of New Hampshire who is retained to police in highway or other roadwork zone construction projects within the state. The authors/subject matter experts of this course were internal staff experts provided by the NH Department of Transportation.
This course covers the following areas of the mandatory “need-to-know” information:
1. Roles and Responsibilities
2. Understanding Work Zones
3. Recommended Practices
4. Application Workshop
This online course provides any officer 4-years of certification. The company automatically submits an officer’s successful course completion results to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. All officers and their respective agencies are also copied on the results.
Finally, to make the training consistent and very easy, officers can download smart phone apps for either an iPhone or Android smart phone operating systems to conveniently take the entire training or remedial sections of the training in any location where there is good cell coverage available.

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


  • Course Overview

    • Course Introduction Video and Objectives
    • Work Zone Safety Issues and Statistics
  • Module 1: Roles and Responsibilities

    • Module 1 Title and Objectives
    • Work Zone Stakeholders
    • Uniformed Officer Duties
    • Tips for Working in a Work Zone
    • Module Recap
    • Knowledge Check
  • Module 2: Understanding Work Zones

    • Module Title Page and Objectives
    • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
    • Parts of a Work Zone: Advance Warning Area
    • Parts of a Work Zone: Transition Area
    • Parts of a Work Zone: Activity Area
    • Parts of a Work Zone: Termination Area
    • Exercise
    • Tips for Working in a Work Zone
    • Module Recap
    • Knowledge Check
  • Module 3: Recommended Practices

    • Module 3 Title and Objectives
    • Recommended Practices
    • Module Recap
    • Knowledge Check
  • Module 4: Application Workshop

    • Case 1 Light Traffic
    • Case 2 Heavy Traffic
  • Final Assessment

    • Assessment Title and Introduction
    • Assessment