This is an excellent for any agency and officer to learn or review the correct knowledge of the technology and physics associated with RADAR the proper use and operation and easily customizable to any agency and state.
RADAR instruction for any law enforcement officer who is charged with utilizing this technology in their daily activities must be well trained. There are possible risks to the technology and potential liability in the false readings of any RADAR technology used by a law enforcement officer.
Captain Bobby Nichols and Lt. Andrea Watson of the Texas Department of Safety -Texas Highway patrol developed this RADAR course. The lesson plan used to create this course provides top tier training to officers on the technology, physics and understanding and use of RADAR. For your agency the course final version is easily customizable to any agency’s specific requests or requirements at no charge to the agency.

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


  • Module 1: Purpose of Radar and Laser

    • Purpose of Radar and Laser Usage
    • Physics of Braking
    • Physics of Braking Continued
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 2: Basics of Radar

    • Radar Technology Principles and Operation
    • Wave Frequency
    • Electromagnetic waves and Radar
    • Understanding Relative Motion
    • Object Speed
    • Cosine Angular Effect and Same Direction Radar
    • Same Direction Radar Continued
    • Radar Effects
    • Jamming
    • Factors Affecting Radar
    • Health Issues with Radar
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 3: Basics of Laser

    • Laser Scientific Principles and Operation
    • Characteristics of Laser Pulses
    • Characteristics of Laser Pulses Continued
    • Example
    • Operational Considerations
    • Lens Care and Eye Safety
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 4: Calibration, Tracking History, and Policies

    • Tracking History
    • Calibration and Testing of Radar
    • Calibration and Testing of Laser
    • DPS Policies
    • Legal Case Review
    • Module Assessment