Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) Adopts Training Response Network’s Cloud-Based Training Solution!

VRSA and TRN are pleased to provide an innovative cloud-based training curriculum offering courses combined with a robust support platform by:

  • Courses authored by National Subject Matter Experts using “national best practices” developed in a rich media format
  • Accurate tracking and reporting either on-demand or scheduled emails
  • Coming soon within 30-days TRN will release unique support software applications for agencies to use to maximize its cloud-based training and support agency’s needs such as:
    • Roll Call Training, Documents Management (for agency policies management) and
    • “Direct Broadcast Alerts” for video messages from Leadership’s desk…… direct to Staff’s Mobile Smartphones!

Best-in-Class Courses

TRN offers the best, rich e-Training/e-Learning courses combined with detailed tracking and reporting, custom software applications for Roll Call Training and Documents Management, and all platform access including smartphones and tablets!

National Subject Matter Experts

Course authored by national and internationally reknowned Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).

Proven Track Record

To major cities/state agencies, municipalities, rural and other public-safety academies and agencies.

Unmatched Customer Support

TRN ensures the “best” customer support within the industry. Simply ask our current users!

Unique Software Applications

TRN also offers unique software applications to support courses and your customers

  • Documents Mgt, Software (Industry’s most advanced!)
  • Direct “Broadcast Alerts”
    • Leadership to Staff’s Mobile Phones
  • Agency News/Info to Mobile Phones

View Example Courses

Bias-free Training
Bias-Free Training

Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management

De-Escalation (R. Means)
De-Escalation (R. Means)

Managing Trauma, Survivors Guilt, etc.
Managing Trauma, Survivors Guilt, etc.

Dr. Robert England’s (suite)
Dr. Robert England’s (suite)

Cybercrime Insights , etc
Cybercrime Insights , etc