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Current Customer Base Overview/Profile

  • Current installed base of purchased subscriptions: 16,000 to 17,000
  • Purchasing/subscribing trends within law enforcement agencies:
    • Trend is growing but slow
    • Training is seen in some agencies as discretionary and not mandatory!
  • There is a churn factor annually of around 15% of the customer base
  • Companyai??i??s customers include major city and state agencies with large and diverse staffing, as well as correctional departments, rural agencies, and college and university public safety departments.
  • 20% of TRN’s customers, such as the Texas Highway Patrol, City of Hampton Virginia, Norfolk-Southern Railway Police, Brit Insurance, etc., comprise 80% of the companyai??i??s annual business
    • Unfortunately, two of these historically renewing customers Virginia Beach PD (three years), and Essex Correctional (two years) have indicated recently they will not be renewing in 2015 due to budgetary issues. TRN believes eventually they will return! However, to stabilize these losses, the company has three times the combined revenue of these two agency losses already in progress and quoted, such as the 22,000 teachers opportunity in Miami. Also, Texas DPS is intending to renew and possibly expand.
  • 80% of the remaining revenues are mid-to-smaller agencies, which tend to renew
  • All subscribing contracts are on an annual subscription basis only
  • Average price paid per subscription is $44.95ai??i??49.95 per individual
  • With a significant investment of capital, there will beAi??no limits of ways to marketAi??this training solutionAi??beyond the subscription model

Accreditation ai??i?? Certification

Gaining state-by-state certification and accreditation is a process. There is not an easy, magic formula.to protect their jobs and jobs of retired cops to continue teaching in the old format. To protect their jobs and the jobs of retired cops whoAi??continue to teachAi??in the old format, many states use all the political and frustrating obstacles http://www.franceactus.net/propecia-1mg-price/ they can to create obstacles for commercial entities. However, obstaclesAi??can and are overcome successfully overcome through the following actions:

  • Continuing to provide exceptionalAi??course content
  • The local agency thatAi??has subscribed and adopted TRNai??i??s e-learning running interference and gaining the approval from the state
  • DefeatingAi??entrenched ai???politicians,ai??? mostly former law enforcement attempting to prevent commercial vendors’ success and, quite honestly, practicing ai???restraint of tradeai??? issues (in the opinion of TRNai??i??s management) with the right attack of legal and local in-state political lobbying
  • Bottom line, in-state solutions can never attain the technological or creative abilities of an agile commercial entity such asAi??TRN. They havenai??i??t to date, and will not. Over a three- to five- year period, a well-financed TRN wouldAi??crush these local state initiatives, in Managementai??i??s opinion. Law enforcement is on course toAi??evolve to a national standard of professionalism in the same way thatAi??education for Kai??i??12 is unfolding.


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