Physical Health for Law Enforcement [2023]

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Lt. Col. Robert Huffman

Course Summary

Physical health and well-being just might be the difference between returning home safely to your family … or not. Today, lack of physical readiness is becoming an increasing epidemic in the law enforcement profession. While the physical demands of law enforcement work may be infrequent, the job does require a certain level of physical fitness or readiness, and at times extreme levels of fitness are required.

While an important part of “fitness,” being fit requires more than just physical exercise. This course is based on a concept of “total fitness” and being able to perform physical activities while being free of health problems. It incorporates the fitness lifestyle areas of nutrition, weight management, stress management, smoking cessation, and substance abuse prevention, along with exercise, to produce maximum performance and good health.

If officers attain and maintain the physical readiness necessary to perform the essential functions at or above the minimum level of safe and effective performance, it will benefit the individual officer, the agency, and the public.

Studies from 1992 through 2007 indicate that the physical demands for law enforcement officers are increasing. It’s not very difficult to follow a set of exercises to keep yourself ready for maximum physical effort when it’s important!

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 - Principles of Fitness

    • What is Fitness?
    • Principles of Fitness Part 1
    • Principles of Fitness Part 2
    • Components of Fitness and Job Functions
    • Motor Components
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 2 - What is Cardiovascular Endurance?

    • Cardiovascular Endurance Part 1
    • Cardiovascular Endurance Part 2
    • Cardiovascular Endurance Part 3
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 3 - Muscular Strength and Endurances

    • What is Muscular Strength and Endurance?
    • Terms Associated with Muscular Strength and Endurance
    • Developing Muscular Strength
    • Designing Your Resistance Training Program
    • Training Safe and Effective
    • Principles of the (MSE) Training Plan and Summary Part 1
    • Summary Part 2
    • Summary Part 3
    • Module Assessment
  • Module 4 - Flexibility

    • What is Flexibility?
    • More about Flexibility and Stretching
    • What is Anaerobic Power?
    • Anaerobic Power Continued
    • Agility Running
    • Agility Component
    • Anaerobic Fitness Training Tips
    • Module Assessment