Miami PD Policy on High Risk Felony Traffic Stops

Course Preview

Course Author(s)

Officer Rob Thompson

Course Summary

Police officers are to be reminded that the main goal of any law enforcement operation is to enhance public safety. During the execution of this goal, officers MUST apply SOUND OFFICER SAFETY SKILLS. 

This course is designed to review the best practices associated with conducting high-risk felony traffic stops. To that end, officers will be reminded of the methodical nature of such action and the reasons for these practices. 

During this course, officers will be provided with tactics designed to slow down the action in order to enhance:

  • Situational awareness
  • Increase officer and the public safety
  • Bring the high-risk felony traffic stop to a successful conclusion

Officers will review the latest tactics concerning:

  • Vehicle positioning
  • Effective use of backup officers
  • The importance of maintaining cover points
  • Principles of contact and cover
  • The importance of sound communication skills
  • Other possible issues that may be encountered during a high-risk felony traffic stop

Don’t let unawareness create a dire situation.

Course Syllabus

  • High Risk Felony Traffic Stops (Miami PD)

    • Introduction by Officer Thompson
    • Learning Goals and Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Location, Backup, Radio Procedures
    • Positioning of Vehicles
    • Securing Vehicle, Issuing Verbal Commands
    • Verbal Command SCRIPT, Placing Suspects in Custody
    • Searching and Securing Vehicle
    • Live Action Example of Stop Performed Correctly
    • Live Action Example with Commentary By Officer Thompson
    • Procedure for Dealing with Runners Right Way/Wrong Way
    • Comprehension Quiz