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The Response Network Inc.




Business Niche(s):

  • Current
    • Professional Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers (and their agencies)
    • Colleges and Universities (Nationally)
  • Future
      • Public Safety, Fire/EMS (sworn/non-sworn-administrative)
      • K-12 Schools
      • Corporations

Unique Proprietary Advantages

  • A recognized leader in providing e-learning/training solutions to law enforcement/correctional professionals
  • Currently 16,500-17,000 subscribed customers nationally
  • Partners with Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA) and the National Association of School Safety Law Enforcement Officers (NASSLEO)
  • Proven Proprietary Technology in the market
  • Experienced Management Team
  • A demonstrated “proof of concept” with modest investment

At a Glance

The Response Network Inc. (TRN) management believes the company to be one of a kind in the emerging market of e-learning, training and education solutions for professional law enforcement, public safety and security professionals. The company’s unique and proven accomplishments to date as listed below demonstrate its potential to burst through the barricades of ed tech in these and related sectors:

  1. TRN has been able to systematically secure high-profile law enforcement agencies nationally, such as:
    • Texas Highway Patrol (Texas Department of Safety)
    • City of Detroit PD
    • City of Miami PD
    • Miami-Dade Schools’ Police
    • City of Hampton, Virginia PD
    • Norfolk-Southern Railway Police
    • University of New Hampshire Public Safety
    • Many others both urban/rural, college and universities, currently comprising at 16,500-17000 subscribers nationally
  1. TRN has successfully attracted and secured a critical entry point in marketing to city risk managers and their public safety entities through a partnership with an international risk insurer, Brit Insurance (London and Chicago), which annually purchases 4,000 subscriptions for its 28 police agencies (not listed) located in multiple states. Working with Brit, TRN has recently quoted another major risk insurer to provide such training to 120 colleges and universities nationally.
  2. The company has been in discussions to secure a breakthrough opportunity for TRN working with the Miami-Dade Schools’ Police (MDSP) leadership, and its partnership with the National Association of School Safety Law Enforcement Officers (NASSLEO).The MDSP is a current customer of TRN, which provides MDSP’s 1,700 personnel with e-learning for both sworn police officers and school safety monitors who police and assist in management of the nation’s third largest school system comprising approximately 380 schools and 400,000 K-12 children. Recent discussions (December 11-13, 2014) in Miami with individuals confirm that TRN’s e-learning courses related to topics such as “Human Trafficking,” “Bullying and Cyberbullying,” and “Missing and Exploited Children” are on a positive track to be adopted for training and education for the schools’ 22,000 teachers during the first quarter of 2015.
  3. TRN is not just a paragon of e-learning, but an innovator in technological solutions. E-learning provides the entry point for TRN’s longer-term goal of gaining an increasing presence within public safety entities through technology solutions. To date, the company has already proven, on a small scale, it has successfully accomplished this goal with exceptionally high-quality content design and by providing other technological administrative solutions. The company believes it can continue to develop and offer a broader array of technological solutions—including real-time agency HR integration to local databases and instantaneous, digital-information reporting—and become a reliable outsourcing partner of IT functions to mid-to-small agencies. Many in management/leadership voice that they feel they are “held hostage” by IT management (and, consequently, to dying concepts that run counter to today’s rapidly evolving technology world) and are restricted by reduced available funding and by the need for funds to be used as efficiently as possible. TRN is a long-awaited answer to those rumblings.
  4. In 2014, TRN was awarded a trademark on the term Roll Call ®. The term roll call has been used in law enforcement since the early 1900s. Management believes this trademark brand will connect long-term conventional terminology to the younger generation of law enforcement officers as they receive their Roll Call (“daily training updates”) via smart phones and tablets.


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