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Training Response Network Inc. provides an easily accessible and affordable cloud-based online in-service training solution to professional law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies via its captive marketing web portal,

Training Response Network offers both library courses (content) covering all aspects of law enforcement/corrections in-service training requirements, as well as custom- agency specific high-liability policy course development, testing and review.

We offer online training courses including Applied Ethics, Bloodborne Pathogen, Bullying & Cyberbullying, Community Policing/Customer Service, First Aid/CPR, Cultural Competency, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations Driving, Emotional Intelligence, Female Offender: Supervision and Management, Fire Safety, Harassments, human trafficking, Leadership management, Mental Health, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Active Shooter, Domestic Violence, Police Officer Survival & much more. All courses are accurately managed and tracked by a robust and customized, highly automated (or on-demand) administrative reporting system via our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS).

It is important to note that our LMS is specifically customized to law enforcement’s, corrections & public-safety’s unique requirements, needs and applications. The company integrates this “total solution” in a very easy-to-adapt turnkey, cloud-based fully hosted solution, which is deliverable to multiple subscribers’ hardware platforms for user convenience.

Courses are created using a team of professionals to write, design and assemble each unique course.
The chief course instructor or author subject matter expert who leads this effort for Training Response Network is Mr. Randy Means. Mr. Means is a highly respected and well-known professional who has consulted and trained professionals in law enforcement for the past 30 years as the leading expert on both risk-mitigation strategies, and all levels of in-service law enforcement training, education and expert consulting. Please see full bio below.

All of our web-based courses integrate the multimedia design and technology to develop the highest level of bandwidth-conscious online training media that also integrates detailed and randomized testing assessments to ensure consistent training in both learned, and not a simple “Check the Box” or “Death by PowerPoint” format. The company also works with agencies to create custom and requested specific policy or other training material.
In addition to our general LMS management system, the company also provides unique software applications for increased flexibility and officer convenience to insure and train more easily such as our trademarked software application Roll Call ® Training.

In addition to our general LMS management system, the company also provides unique software applications for increasing flexibility and officer convenience to insure and train more easily with our trademarked software application  Roll Call ® Training.

The Roll Call ® Training software app allows every subscribing agency to easily select and isolate individual course content (segments) and then to easily organize/arrange and “push” short course selections on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to any individual group of officers or to all officers.

Simply stated, this technology approach provides a “foolproof” method to insure daily or weekly training curriculum on high liability polices policies of any agency or other types of “need-to-know” information delivered to officers in 1-3 minute segments on their PC, tablet(s) or their smartphone(s) makes the training simple, quick and consistent.

To support the agency, all Roll Call ® Training officer information is accurately tracked instantly upon any officer clicking to open and view their mandated training from agency via an alert e-mail from the agency’s training department. If used consistently this technology approach provides every agency a highly accurate process to insure that all officers are very well educated, trained and versed in any agency high liability policies or other training material. Plus, available at a cost that is at least 90% less expensive than classroom or peer group training!

In addition to Roll Call ® Training, the company’s LMS provides an easy-to-use Document Management System for the creation and dissemination of Agency News, Agency Training Bulletins, and Agency Policy Management system, which offers electronically cataloging and easy editing! A real time-saver!

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