An Integrated Software Application Providing An Easy and Foolproof Method to Guarantee Your In-Service Training

Seamless Access To All Course Material From Any Hardware Device

This first of a kind software application for professional law enforcement and correctional  agencies and officers from Training Response Network’s Policecommunity is an integrated software application that seamlessly connects all training content from our cloud-based hosting LMS to any officer’s desktop, smartphone, tablet or in-vehicle PC system. It simply makes training consistently easy and precise!

  • An easy-to-use management interface enables agencies to select any course material to create a simple playlist of short segments.
  • Roll Calls ® can include selections from one course or several.
  • The length and sequence of a Roll Call ® is up to the agency.
  • Required dates for completing a Roll Call ® are set once, then our system takes care of all tracking and reporting.
  • Roll Call ® on a smartphone or a tablet is especially easy – click one button and it plays. If you can turn on a TV you can take  your training!

There is no need for further management from the agency administrator. Reports will be automatically emailed on weekly, monthly or on a custom schedule. Reports are also available on-demand 24/7. You can be assured that in-service training is being complicated.
It’s a revolution for professional law enforcement and correctional officer in-service training. It is as simple and foolproof as that!

Click here for brief demonstration of Roll Call ® concept

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Roll Call ® is a registered trademark of The Response Network Inc.