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Financial Snapshot of Company

The company employs a local and highly competent accounting firm, Tyler, Simms & St. http://bigdreamevolution.com/blog/purchase-lady-era-pills/ Sauveur, located in New Hampshire. The company follows generally accepted GAAP accounting.

Management believes http://www.graficavema.com.br/purchase-lady-era-100mg/ the company is primed for huge future growth:

  1. Its gross margins are exceptionally high, and its cost known accurately.
  2. Its average price per customer can increase as demand grows.
  3. There is no reason the company’s current subscriber base of 16,500-17,000 subscribers canai??i??t expand over the next 24-36 months months to 45,000-50,000 with marketing and technology (course development) investment.
  4. As it has successfully done with the Data 911 in-car video system, management plans to seek out more opportunities to integrate multiple revenue streams with product placement advertising of law enforcement products in course and provide training development for other manufacturers in dire need of e-learning customer support.
  5. Management believes that simply but slowly increasing the “average cost paid” per subscription by 20% over the next 36 months as adoption and demand rate grows, will continue to provide increased cash flow funding to the company.
  6. Management has learned to creatively adapt to irregular cash flow due to slow-paying public entities.
  7. The company does not require a large capital investment to grow successfully over next 24 to 36 months.



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