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Trends in the Profession/Industry and Technology

E-learning is evolving steadily to become the law enforcement and public safety industryai??i??s standard for training and education. Driving this trend are the need to control costs, increasing societal pressures (just read the daily news), and the emergence of a younger generation of professionals raised on PCs, the Internet, smart phones and tablets.

TRNai??i??s management believes that after years of law enforcement and public safety operating in a closed culture, the generational shift in leadership underway will accelerate the adoption of training via e-learning. This younger generation of leadership, raised on the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, instinctively understands the power of these new technologies to deliver training and other dynamic solutions to every available digital platform.

This younger generation is just now beginning to replace the current generation of 50+-year-old leadership which is in many ways locked into timeworn, closed-minded, more expensive and increasingly ineffective ai???face-to-faceai??? training solutions.

Furthermore, Management believes that consistent e-learning will be similarly embraced by agencies as a way to demonstrate to their communities that officers are maintaining a state of preparedness in every relevant subject that impacts their sworn obligations. Larger societal events and technological trends are converging to drive the growth of online training over the next 24 to 36 months. The recent tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York (and more occurring daily), are driving the deployment of body cameras as a new method to validate the http://hairclinixgroup.com/2018/02/11/liquid-paxil-cost/ evidence trail while expanding the transparency of police transactions and improve community relations.

The widespread implementation of body cameras will convince many of one thing: law enforcement is in dire need and requires three fundamental changes:

  • The hiring of college educated individuals as the “norm”
  • That, like K-12’s recent migration to the “common core” national standards for education, professional law enforcement will evolve in this manner
  • Daily training via electronic solutions are obvious as a key provider of increased education and training

To maximize the commercial potential of TRNai??i??s ai???proof of conceptai???, it will take increased investment capital, experienced management, and a partner with the commitment and ambition to leverage current successes towards future gains.

Opportunity Costs Advantage

TRNai??i??s management believes that it offers a potential investor/acquirer an http://montel-shogen.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/16/dissertation/ unprecedented opportunity to avoid having to play ai???catch-upai??? by leveraging the progress achieved by the company to date thereby reducing or eliminating the opportunity costs of starting from scratch. A smart investor will see the opportunity to build upon TRNai??i??s experience, market position, and knowledge ai??i??not to mention its existing subscriber platformai??i?? and build upon it for a fraction of the cost it would take to start something similar from scratch.

With a modest total investment to date of approximately $1M combined with 5 years of intensive, onai??i??the-ground persistence and intense efforts, the Response Network Inc., through its branded Internet website www.Policecommuity.net, has established a strong foothold on a sound infrastructure in this exciting new industry, and has successfully demonstrated a ai???proof of conceptai??? for a viable, sustainable, and easily scalable business. Management understands this market niche and technology inside and out!

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