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Product/Technology Overview — Intellectual Property and Trademarks, etc.

TRN’s management believes that its core technology—comprised of creative course scripting, its approach to media course development/execution, and its proprietary LMS platform— provides a powerful foundation upon which to build. If leveraged and managed properly in tandem with a modest incremental investment over the next three years, the company’s strengths will propel the right investor or acquiring company into a position to dominate this emerging sector for training national, and possibly global, law enforcement and public safety communities.

TRN’s “core technological vision/market approach” follows a multi-tiered strategy in its business development, accomplished by executing on several levels simultaneously:

Course Development in General

As summarized previously, TRN develops its entire course content internally and follows a SCORM-compliant format with custom modifications for assessments and other end-user requirements. The company is constantly releasing new course content to address key areas of professional law enforcement/corrections. The company develops highly proprietary courses for agencies as well. Management believes that its approach to creative course development can be easily demonstrated by viewing a selection of its online e-learning course development. When constructing any course, the company follows a strict format for its lesson plans/script drafting but also employs insightful and creative concepts such as 3D design animation, video, photographic, professional narration or whatever type of media element to convey succinctly the key learning objectives. In addition, the company’s quiz and assessment protocol is stringent, intuitive and customer friendly.

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Click to see a few examples of TRN’s training. Each course contains many video segments.

  • Introduction by Director Steve McGraw, Texas Dept of Safety
  • Holly Smith: Victim of Human Trafficking
  • Two Types of Human Trafficking
  • City of Miami PD – Social Networking Policy – Introduction and Definitions
  • City of Miami PD – Electronic Control Device Policy – Introduction
  • City of Miami PD – Electronic Control Device Policy – Removal of Probes
  • RADAR – The Physics of Braking
  • Introduction to the Female Offender


Course Design Notes
The opening of the company’s course on “Ethics” — shown in the first video segment above — exemplifies one of many of TRN’s interesting approaches to developing quality training.

  • TRN uses an excerpt (a poem) from the end of a book “Becoming an Exemplary Peace Officer” by Michael Josephson of the Josephson Institute of Ethics in Los Angeles. (TRN licensed his Ethics course which is the very best.)
  • TRN adapts this message by:
    • Placing the excerpted poem first, as the main theme that introduces the course, to gain officer attention to what is important
    • Video-taping and integrating local police officers getting ready for their shift of duty while integrating with other video themes
    • Incorporating narration from a professional voice artist who sounds like the actor Morgan Freeman to increase the messaging, and finally
    • Videotaping the local Chief or Director of each agency to provide the final salutation to personalize the course to the agency.

Extending into New Markets
While law enforcement/corrections have been the main theme of development, the company is extending its reach into two new markets in the next six months.

  1. Providing colleges and universities with highly specific, need-to-know training on key subjects of The Clery Act and Title Nine. Additionally, mapping this training to each unique niche within a higher institution (e.g. administrators, public-safety, faculty, students and parents). Plus, creating a backend software-tracking tool that compiles in real-time the statistics of incidents that occur compared both nationally and locally against the college.
  2. K-12 Training with some modification of its current course content and leveraging of its unique LMS Smart-Phone concept.

TRN’s management is confident that the right partner following an organized business approach can and will dominate this niche and achieve significant growth in revenue.

Learning Management System (LMS)

These days a company may choose a proprietary LMS/CLMS from a number of large vendors. However, for law enforcement and public safety, a big-box solution will be hard pressed to achieve success. Most are overbuilt, highly underutilized by the customer, very expensive and more importantly not easy to adopt and use by novice technology users.

Furthermore, these systems are hard to customize quickly for a rapidly evolving/emerging market niche when no one knows exactly which features end-users may eventually require. Management of TRN believes its LMS meets and strategically exceeds the needs of its target markets on multiple levels:

  • The LMS is easy to use and adopt by a wide array of technologically savvy (or not so savvy) users.
  • The LMS provides a very rich, detailed automated backend tracking/reporting system linked to custom software applications such as the Roll Call ® training app and a new app (an easy-to-use Document Management System currently in development and scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2015) for agencies to self-develop professional agency news, simple training alerts or manage their internal policies.
  • The LMS is fully SCORM compliant and provides all of the most essential elements of such a system.
  • TRN provides unique software supporting IT services where required.
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Trademark/Multiple Platform Access

TRN sought and was awarded a unique trademark on terminology used in law enforcement since the early 1900s referred to as Roll Call ®* training.

Click here for brief demonstration of Roll Call ® concept

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Roll Call ® utilizes a custom software application TRN has developed and recently launched that provides simultaneous access to all hardware platforms integrated to its proprietary LMS. Hardware platforms such as tablets/cellphones (Android & Apple iOS), PCs and in-car computer communications systems now deliver easy access to e-learning materials cross-platform. Simply stated, this application is a foolproof method for training, educating and updating customers on whatever device or devices they prefer. Management believes that cross-platform technological education is a revolution among professional law enforcement training and is just the beginning. Over the next 24 to 48 months, as societal trends continue to change this historically “closed culture” via new laws, new technologies, funding constraints, and generational changes, the move towards technological education will rapidly evolve.

* Roll Call ® — Roll Call is a term that has been used in the law enforcement profession for easily 70+ years. It is a phrase that has come to signify a “general meeting” of all police officers prior to taking their shift of duty, usually in a general meeting room in headquarters or at their local district/precinct in larger cities.

During Roll Call, officers would discuss current issues of the day or alert notices in the community and would receive occasional short bursts of training or “need-to-know” information. TRN now owns this term-of-art trademark, and strongly believes that its Roll Call ® training software app backend mapped to smart phone technology is a quantum leap for law enforcement training, providing short, Twitter-like daily, weekly or “whenever” training or need-to-know information.

Intellectual Property

The company owns and retains all ownership to all Intellectual Property for lesson plan, script development, media course development, trademarks, web site design, etc.

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