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Key Individuals
It is the opinion of the company’s founder, Mr. Naples, who has spent almost three decades developing startup and mid-stage “bleeding edge” technology companies in a widely diverse set of industries, that TRN has an extremely strong core group of five professionals as captive consultants—highly skilled, mature and experienced—to continue to provide a solid foundation for growth. Mr. Naples is the only employee.

Brad Naples

CEO and Founder

Mr. Naples has an extensive successful career leading startup to mid-stage technology companies as well as turnaround situations starting in 1980. “Blue chip” venture investors that retained him include Tudor Ventures, Rockefeller VC and Rothschild VC (London), among others.

New England Digital Corp. (NED) (1979–1993)

NED started out of the Thayer School of Engineering, at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. Mr. Naples was hired as the company’s Business Manager in 1979. New England Digital was the pioneer of digital audio recording, editing and sound design. Clients included the world’s “who’s who” in music, film/TV producers/directors, sound/audio design editors and engineers from Sting, Michael Jackson and Leonard Bernstein to George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd. and many notable others. Appointed CEO in 1982, Mr. Naples relentlessly drove the capital raising efforts, technology, marketing and sales efforts to propel the company well beyond the revenues of any existing pro audio company at the time. NED grew from $300,000 to $23,000,000.00 and from nine employees to approximately 200 worldwide.

Virtual Music/Musicplayground (1995–2003)

“Blue chip” VC investors funded this startup, whose CEO at the time of its initial round exhausted all of the $8M of capital in 12 months! It was then that the lead investor, Tudor Venture Capital (Boston), sought and retained Mr. Naples to attempt to rescue the company. Mr. Naples conceived of, sought and gained a unique and significant patent on the technology in Tokyo, Japan which was awarded and immediately led to the company being sold to a multibillion dollar Japanese video game company for $18M, providing a financial success well beyond the investor’s anticipation. The technology was the key technology used in the blockbuster video game niche “GUITAR HERO.” Mr. Naples continued to work as CEO closely with many Japanese companies in the video game development niche and gained significant experience in the management of such projects.


From January 2004-06, Mr. Naples was retained as a business consultant to government related technology-oriented businesses in Washington, DC among other consulting positions.

The Response Network Inc. (TRN) 2006–Current

Mr. Naples first conceived of developing The Response Network Inc. to assist/help and/or train professional public safety after personally witnessing the terror attacks in NYC on 9-11, 2001 while in New York City. After four years of investigation and consideration around mid-2005 the genesis of the company began to take shape.


Berklee College of Music, BA Composition

Harvard Business School (86-89) O.P.M. Program


Jesse Nahan

Chief Technology Officer

Jesse Nahan has been managing technology and operations for his entire career, specializing in interactive and publishing development.

The Zehring Company, New York, NY 1982–1985 Director of Operations.
Reported to President. Managed human resources, customer service, editorial, production and circulation departments of financial directory publisher. Oversaw the merger of Zehring into the Standard Rate and Data Service division of Macmillan, Inc. Directed the development of the Corporate Finance Bluebook, an 850-page directory, into a database product.

Corporate Finance Magazine, New York, NY 1986–1991 Vice President, MIS.
Recruited by President during magazine’s initial funding phase to lead technology. Reported to Chief Financial Officer. Responsible for all technology strategies/implementation from company’s inception through two acquisitions. Charged by the CFO to work on company-wide operations, product development, efficiency, cost reduction and hiring. Developed high-end database products sold to prime customers such as Morgan Stanley. Authored systems for database publishing, editorial, circulation, advertising, conferences, book club and specialty information departments. These systems enabled Corporate Finance to compete effectively with top business magazines.

Jesse Nahan Consulting, New York, NY 1991–1993 Founder.
Provided assessment, development, deployment and training services to magazine and directory publishers. Goal was to reduce costs and expand production capability by converting to electronic publishing. Analyzed clients’ processes and production costs, then evolved them for the new technology. Built database publishing systems to eliminate costly and time-consuming manual processes. Trained staff in copy flow methodology, publishing software and operating system administration/utilities. These full-spectrum services made clients confident that they had consistent support in all aspects of their transition.

Consumer Reports Magazine, Yonkers, NY 1993–1996 Editorial Systems Manager.
Reported to Executive Editor. Directed technology and application development for magazine, book and newsletter groups. Designed knowledge management system based on “What is a car?” – a cross-platform database publishing application for organizing and managing automobile information. The system produced the annual April car issue and the print and Web versions of the New Car Yearbook, as well as supplying fully formatted data to online services and the Buying Guide. The result was a dramatic reduction in production time and costs for each product. Was technology liaison with key partners and vendors such as America Online and Compuserve. As editorial’s technical thought leader, facilitated cross-departmental development of web, interactive and other electronic products and was a highly sought-after expert on Internet and electronic media issues throughout the organization.

ThunderHouse Online Marketing (McCann-Erickson), Cambridge, MA 1997–1999 Director of Technology.
Recruited by and reported to President. Directed full life-cycle web development for major clients such as Olympus, Nestle and AT&T, managing multiple projects simultaneously. Set technology strategies and vision for company and clients. Designed knowledge management system to bring the ThunderHouse Cambridge sales/development/service methodology to all our offices and clients worldwide. Two years into the position, selected by the president to lead ThunderHouse in a merger process with other parent company interactive agencies. Operational responsibilities expanded to include production and finance.

Stratavision Studios, Boston, MA 1999–2000 Consultant.
Recruited by and reported to Managing Director. Evaluated startups for funding and operational/technology development to determine potential for becoming a Stratavision portfolio company. Managed intricate, multi-division project for Oxygen television network migrating 30 multi-platform web sites (including Oxygen.com and Oprah.com, Oprah Winfrey’s site) in one month to a robust, highly scalable facility to coincide with a television advertisement during the Superbowl. The migration was required to handle the extremely high traffic loads anticipated for the Superbowl audience and the expanded audience of Oxygen’s new network. Successfully met the client’s unchangeable Superbowl deadline.

MyActiveMind, Cambridge, MA 2001–2007 CEO, Founder.
MyActiveMind was an online learning product focused on helping colleges retain students and boost revenue by teaching students how to learn more effectively. Designed MyActiveMind to expressly alleviate the on-average 50 percent dropout rate of post-secondary institutions and surpass the competition with a personalized and engaging web-based experience. Directed all operations, product development, financials, marketing and technology. With co-founder, designed brand and marketing strategies and conducted extensive educational, competitive and demographic research.

Zoomlaut Consulting, Cambridge, MA 2008–2011 Founder
Zoomlaut focused on solving complex web development problems. Notable projects included building mobile apps for Forbes Magazine and Hewlett Packard, as well as a powerful digital image management and communication system designed for businesses which must organize and elegantly present many thousands of images and client projects.

The Response Network, Cambridge, MA 2010–Current Chief Technology Officer
Jesse has brought his extensive experience to bear on all aspects of TRN. Working with Brad Naples, he has developed innovative features such as Roll Call ®, Agency Document Creation, customized reporting and TRN’s anti-cheating techiques. Jesse has customized TRN’s LMS to be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of the law enforcement market. Jesse’s systems allow a small team to effectively train and support a large number of law enforcement officers.

William Johnson and Martin Loos, American Pixel

Course Development Team

American Pixel is an experienced media company that is capitalizing on the talents of today’s new-school technology generation integrating leading-edge video/film design with e-learning experience.   The two key principals are William Johnson and Martin Loos who conduct at least 85% of all day-to-day business requirements.

American Pixel’s core competencies are its thorough understanding of the video production industry and its changing technologies. Two of the core changes include technologies that are transforming traditional video from merely a visual medium into an interactive experience, and the technologies that are driving video away from mainstream outlets and toward the web and mobile devices. This includes a strong understanding of how video is interwoven with web/mobile applications, comprehensive interactive programming, the blending of video technology and 3D gaming tools, and the psychology of how this new interactive visual media impacts the end consumer. Today’s finished video presentations are more comprehensive, hold more of the viewer’s attention, and can create lasting, impressionable experiences. Technology is closing the gap on the limits between the creative vision of the director and the finished experience of the viewer.

Since 2010, and while working with the The Response Network (TRN), American Pixel has been creating custom e learning content for numerous law enforcement agencies across the US. With an understanding that students of the future are going to have a different learning experience than those of the past, American Pixel, along with TRN, has endeavored to create learning content that is keeping up with the learning styles of the next generation of law enforcement officers. This has included visually engaging media and interactive tutorial experiences.

Liem Nguyen, Pixel Reborn (Winnipeg, Canada)

3D and Graphic Artist

Listed as one of the top 3D graphics artist in the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Nyugen’s work has earned an Emmy and a Gemini Award. He has worked on visual effects for many feature films including Superman Returns, Matrix Reloaded and X-Men. Mr. Nguyen has worked in various facets of the broadcast and interactive media industry and has been the principle owner of a successful visual effects and animation studio, Pixel Reborn. His wide-ranging experience also includes video game cinematics, broadcast animation, 3D modeling, and visual effects, pre-visualization and architectural fly-throughs. Mr. Nyugen’s precise attention to detail and strong client service ethic are core strengths in his ongoing collaboration with the Response Network Inc. team since 2009.

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