In recent years, societal fractures have become increasingly visible due to the damaging effects of both mainstream media and social networking posts that cloud most individuals’ perspective of reality. Such trends have had a particularly devastating effect on the law enforcement profession, as the public scrutiny of police forces across the country intensifies. The actions of an isolated few bad actors have been wholly attributed to law enforcement as a profession–leading some communities to call for defunding their local police department. These cultural shifts have led to massive retirements of experienced officers, creating substantial personnel shortages, overworked officer corps and an inability to find and replace them with qualified recruits.  This reality portents a more difficult future for society and the profession.

In the current climate of debate around defunding police forces, it is essential to remember why we need effective public safety measures like Law Enforcement. Without such resources in place, our security and well-being become far more vulnerable; criminals with malicious intent are free to roam without consequence – creating a world akin to that seen with unchecked terrorism. This makes access to quality policing an undeniable necessity for any society seeking peace and stability within its borders. Citizens are speaking out against injustices while also realizing there is a complex process behind reforming laws governing protection services such as policing.

At Training Response Network Inc, (TRN), we have witnessed firsthand how a cocktail of misguided police action and inertia from law enforcement leaders can trigger an array of disastrous effects. Burdened with labor unions that oppose progress and a pervasive lack of concern for improvement, this devastating combination leads to terrible outcomes: wrongful deaths on both sides coupled with citizens feeling increasingly unsafe in their own neighborhoods; meanwhile, the involved officers are left demoralized by their challenging roles. Those who work as part of law enforcement risk more than just physical harm; they are subjected to long-term PTSD, continual emotional distress and mental fatigue, heart disease, and high rates of suicides as well as the significant strain on family life every time they put on the uniform.

It’s clear something needs to change. It is also clear that all stakeholders need to cooperate and participate realistically in this change if we want our fellow citizens protected from violence and kept safe while the individuals in-charge of this safety feel respected—especially since they put themselves in a position of tremendous personal risk each day when performing these duties.

Duty to Intervene course recommendation from Executive Director Andrew McNally.

TRN is determined to help bring about this change and pave a way for a better future. We seek to provide equal aid and support—to both citizens, who too often suffer from the imbalance of power in their interactions with law enforcement; and professional law enforcement, whose dedication deserves not only respect but also genuine guidance on how best to serve their communities responsibly. Our mission is to equip law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge they need in order to embody true professionalism, by providing innovative solutions in areas such as training programs and technologies that focus on tactics and best practices for interacting with individuals professionally and civilly.

There’s no doubt that being a law enforcement officer is one of the most challenging jobs there is and one of the three key pillars holding up this country along with teachers and the medical profession. For your personal interest, TRN is offering its Duty-to-Intervene course as a complimentary course for individuals or agencies who are interested in learning more about how proper policing training/education practices can be easily delivered. This interactive course explores real life examples of misconduct within law enforcement and the importance of responsible policework in today’s society—ultimately helping make our country safer as well as giving respect where due to those professionals bravely taking on this tough job. Agencies across the nation have adopted TRN’s curriculum, and are raving about its effective execution and results. This is all worth appreciating when you consider just how difficult such a task can be!

About the Author and Company:

Prior to the tragedy of 9/11 in New York City, TRN founder Brad Naples had developed an extensive career in building and leading world-class disruptive companies, decided to take initiative and create a business with an aim of supporting law enforcement and providing easy-to-use eLearning solutions for first responders as well as higher education institutions and K–12 schools on compliance topics related to safety. TRN has been trusted to train well over 40,000 professionals and individuals with its services. Some of the esteemed clients include Detroit PD, Virginia Beach PD, Texas DPS, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Miami Police Departments as well as consent decree participation and risk management insurance company’s requested review of agencies policies, training, and management practices.