When it comes to emergency situations, you may think that the first responders are the
ones on the front lines, but in reality, there’s a crucial element in the process that often goes unnoticed: 911 dispatchers. The entire response to a person in need of help
begins with the dispatcher. Can you imagine a world before 9-1-1? February 16, 1968
was the day everything changed for public safety. It was the first time a 9-1-1 call was
placed, and it marked the beginning of a new era.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is an important reminder that this
profession – which often goes unrecognized and unseen – plays an invaluable role in
public safety. These unsung heroes are the first point of contact when someone dials
911 or other emergency numbers and they are responsible for quickly assessing
situations, gathering information, relaying messages between responding agencies and
coordinating their responses, making decisions based on protocol, providing comfort to
those in distress, addressing language barriers…just to name a few of their many
duties. While law enforcement personnel respond directly to people in need at the
scene of a crime or accident, telecommunicators quickly process and assess all
emergencies from behind the scenes.

Thankfully, Training Response Network, Inc (TRN), one of the leading providers of public safety training and resources, recognizes the incredible work that these unsung heroes do day in and day out. That’s why we offer intensive crisis intervention training and cutting-edge radio techniques to help these brave dispatchers stay calm and focused when lives are on the line.

Without dispatchers, the emergency response system simply wouldn’t work. They are
the glue that holds everything together and the calm voice on the other end of the line
that keeps us grounded in moments of chaos. These heroes may not get the recognition
they deserve, but they’re an essential part of the emergency response system. They
tirelessly work behind the scenes to make sure that help is on the way, and TRN is
proud to be a support system that dispatchers can rely on.

At TRN, we celebrate dispatchers every day.

About the Author and Company:

Jim Keaton is former Telecommunications Supervisor and National 911 Subject Matter Expert.

TRN has been trusted to train well over 40,000 professionals and individuals with its services. Some of the esteemed clients include Detroit PD, Virginia Beach PD, Texas DPS, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Miami Police Departments as well as consent decree participation and risk management insurance company’s requested review of agencies policies, training, and management practices.